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The return of Ivasi

Client: Crab mining holding «Antey»


Develop a creative concept and shoot a cinematic commercial for placement on federal TV channels and in social networks about the legendary return of the Ivasi sardine to the shelves of Russian supermarkets.


In the 90s, the fish population of this species had declined sharply, and fishing stopped. That is why the primary target audience is the people who are already familiar with the product and are more likely to make a purchase decision.
The audience’s core dictates the stylistic decision – the sea, stern sailors and a comfy wardroom.

To engage the audience, we decided to rebuild the decorations on the set – this is the only way to achieve maximum precision in details.
Before entering the set, our company prepared a three-dimensional pre-visualization of the location to coordinate colours and details. Maritime consultants also took part in the creation of the scenery.


The product’s launch on the market coincided with the New Year holidays, so the production team produced two different videos within one shift: with an emphasis on the new year and without.


Another difficult task that arose during production was to create a photorealistic frame of a ship walking on the ocean. We used more than one terabyte of the cache as part of the simulation.

When creating product videos, a demo is an obligatory part. A group of food stylists worked on the set to make the product look as presentable as possible and arouse the audience’s appetite.


Interesting facts

The client was in Vladivostok, and the filming took place in Moscow. Therefore, negotiating each product’s frame was complicated. We shot several different scenes with various products, and after filming, we chose the final shots together.

To decorate the interior of the company’s cabins, our art team selected props from operating fishing vessels.

Especially for this shoot, we have developed a unique dynamic light system to achieve the effect of a ship swaying on the waves.

Three specialists worked on the two-second long opening graphic frame for two weeks.


Alexey Zvontsov

Director of photography:
Alexey Andreev

General producer:
Maria Afanaseva

Denis Fedonenkov
Vitalii Kroshko

Art Director:
Demian Romaniuk

Costume designer:
Tatiana CHistopolskaia

Marat Nugaev

Kazbek Archegov

Flow Production

Nikolai Smirnov

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