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Discover Russia

Client: The Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation


Developing a creative concept and creating a cinematic social video, which invokes Russian people to choose domestic tourism.


Сreative of the video bases on a simple but understandable idea for everyone – only in travel does a person fully reveal himself. And we are not talking about beach holidays, but about active tourism. Such as staying in a tent on the sunrise beach, climbing rocks or riding on a quad bike. Complete unity with nature – this is the only way, getting to know Russia and recognizing yourself.

Filming took place in Moscow and Krasnodar Territory.


Interesting facts

In total, the film crew spent six days on location and shot in ten different places.

The director’s cut uses an 8mm film developed in Berlin.

Special stabilizing equipment was delivered from Moscow to Sochi for the scene with the quad bike.

The video “Discover Russia” was awarded the Grand Prix of the Triple F Film Festival as part of the Sochi fashion week.


Project manager:
Denis Fedonenkov

Slava Syrkin

Director of photography:
Pavel Beliavskii

General producer:
Maria Afanaseva

Iurii Bazhutov

Line producer:
Viktor Zamiatin

Vitalii Kroshko

Assistant director:
Andrei Butuzov

Drone operators:
Ignat Senkin, Dmitrii Prudnikov

Art director:
Tatiana Kan

Costume designer:
Elena Galybina

Irina Nikitina

Film composer:
Ivan Maslov

Post producer:
Ekaterina Vedmed

Film editor:
Ivan Gusarov

Anton Bulle

Andrei Bushmin

Evgenii Ionov
Natalia TSvetkova
Aleksandra Tretiakova

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