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Client: Zigrand Ltd.


Develop promotional website for a company which carries out opilio crab fishing in an environmentally safe area — the Barents Sea. 


We decided to highlight visual part of the product and its benefits and also show methods of fishing.

To solve the task we built an accurate 3D model of opilio crab and recreated blueprints using photos of the ships as a source.

Demo 3D model

Design and structure of the website were built tailored for specific screen sizes.

ZIGRAND fishing fleet consists of vessels equipped with live crab processing factories.

The ship blueprints were created based on photos, after which they were animated.


Web producer:
Iakov Seleznev

Creative producer:
Maria Afanaseva

Art director:
Vera Pechenkina

Ivan Senotov

Web development:
Sergei Sidorov

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