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Ride at home!

Client: The Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation


Developing creative and producing a cinematic commercial promoting ski and winter family holidays in the Russian Federation on federal TV channels and social networks.


Part of the creative concept was abandoning the direct filming of people rolling and concentrating on the sensations of waiting for the trip.

The main character is a young man who loves snowboarding. Barely opening his eyes, he realizes missing the feeling of crunching snow under his feet, the breathtaking scenery outside the window and the drive of speed. The routine of getting ready to go to work turns into an exciting adventure, whose culmination is getting out of the house. Opening the door, the young man finds himself in a ski resort instead of a corridor. The gist is that going to Russian ski resorts is as easy as leaving the house.

Filming took place on set. Our team built a full-fledged apartment with a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a corridor and an entrance on 250 m².

Repeating the movements in precisely the same way several times in a row was the main challenge.


The most complex scene in the video is the “tearing clothes off” scene.

Preparations for the shooting of this scene took almost a day.

Backstage video

Interesting facts

For filming, we used two types of artificial snow, polymer and cellulose. The cellulosic snow fills the shot appealingly, and the polymer snow is difficult to distinguish from the real one in close-ups.

We were filming the “tearing off clothes” scene for 3.5 hours. The costume designers cut the trousers and coats, tied fishing lines to them and put this assemblage on the main character’s ski suit. Five people had to tear off the hero’s clothes simultaneously. We shot two takes.

The colourist changed the kitchen unit from green to blue during post-production.

The project needed rapid completion, so the production designers prepared six shooting sets in three days.
According to the results of the Tagline Awards 2020-2021, the “Ride at home” project took one silver and three bronze places.


Aleksei Zvontsov

Director of photography:
Aleksei Andreev

Art director:
Demian Romaniuk

Costume disigner:
Elena Galybina

General producer:
Denis Fedonenkov

Creative producer:
Vitalii Kroshko

Maria Afanaseva

Film composer:
Marat Nugaev

Kazbek Archegov

Flow Production

Maksim Zhura

Anton Bystriakov

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