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Smart museum

Client: Rostelecom


To develop a creative concept and produce a cinematic video presenting the new service for museums.


Creating presentation videos for brand-new services and products is a demanding challenge, because the end customer’s decision depends on the quality and thoroughness of the work.

In our case, the product was a complex system of sensors intended for ensuring the safety of the exhibits.


The sensors, which are an essential part of the system advertised, were the most important components of the video. Because the product was new to the market, such sensors were not yet installed in museums, and our designers and CG artists created precision photorealistic 3D models.


Interesting facts

The video was filmed in 2 shifts (25 hours) on the territory of the Vassily Polenov Fine Arts Museum and National Park.

For the safety of the exhibits, it was decided to do without the haze machine, even though it would have contributed to a cinematic look and depth of the image.

On the set, the crew had to follow strict security measures and wear shoe protectors.


Dmitry Urosov

Director of photography:
Kirill Kashirin

General producer:
Maria Afanaseva

Creative producer:
Vitaly Kroshko

Aerial photography:
Ignat Senkin

Film editor:
Kazbek Archegov

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