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Winter amusements

Client: The Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation


To develop a creative concept and shoot a cinematic advertising video for placement on federal TV channels and social media, that motivates winter holiday aficionados to spend them in Russia.


At the time of the production of the video, it was not snowing anywhere in Russia. In view of this, the production team decided to use artificial snow. To do this, a powerful snow cannon was delivered to the filming location. Two types of artificial snow were used: polymer and cellulose snow. Cellulose snow works best for filling the frame, while polymer snow is difficult to distinguish from the real one on close shots.

A total of 19 actors took part in the video, and the film crew was even larger.

One of the scenes featured the roof of the bathing complex – the production artist had to make a scale model of it that was emitting special effect haze right on the site.

Another scene featured a group of friends camping on the fringe of the forest. In order to achieve the correct color and intensity of the fire, a gas burner imitating the campfire was used.


In addition, at the time of production, there were no Northern Lights in Russia. In one of the scenes, however, the idea was to show the train under the shining night sky. To demonstrate such a unique natural phenomenon, our special effects artists turned the day into the night.




Alexey Zvontsov

Director of photography:
Alexey Andreev

Production designer:
Vasily Kuklev

Costume designer:
Elena Galybina

General producer:
Denis Fedonenkov

Executive producers:
Maria Afanaseva
Vitaly Kroshko


Film editor:
Kazbek Archegov

Anton Pronoza
Pavel Petrovsky
Flow Production

Maxim Zhura

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